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Re: Need help in buying a display for Teensy 3.6

Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:01 pm

Does it come with the Flash chip? How big is the flash chip?

Re: Need help in buying a display for Teensy 3.6

Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:26 pm

Most of your questions can be answered with google. It has 16 megabytes of flash which is way more than the Teensy 3.6. However, some of this flash is taken by a flash SPI DMA cache or something

Re: Need help in buying a display for Teensy 3.6

Sat Jun 17, 2017 12:52 am

I can't find that specific board. Maybe Google gives me different search results due to its Customer Relationship Management system thinking I'm not worthy of good results. Are you sure that that specific board has 16MB of Flash?

Re: Need help in buying a display for Teensy 3.6

Sat Jun 17, 2017 3:23 pm

The ESP32 has 16MB TOTAL flash but only 4MB is available to the user. If you have more questions, visit the ESP32 forum and post there or go to the Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ESP32).

Re: Need help in buying a display for Teensy 3.6

Thu Jul 13, 2017 8:42 pm

Lol y'all should have messaged me. I've been hard at work getting the libraries running right.

If you want to use teensy I suggest ordering from the pjrc site. They also sell a couple different ili9341 screens as well for $10 us a piece. You will actually save about $12 doing so over ordering any where else.

I have libraries for both ESP32 and teensy3. We have been putting a lot work into debugging the libraries and getting frame buffer set up. With the new writeRect4bpp functions we can store and display full color bitmaps from flash or progmem at a fraction of the cost of multiple stack bitmaps. We just fixed the code so it can produce clear pixels by using zero in your writeRectbpp bitmaps. We do color with user defined custom palettes. This way the user can pick and choose any color they want and aren't hindered by the libraries default colors.

The only drawback is the tediousness of drawing the bitmaps by hand. There is no real program that convert the images to your palette...... Yet. But you only have to make one bitmap instead of 2-8 depending on colors.

The tile map looks great with the new functions as well. I'm impressed with myself that I was able to create function that used the bpp function as its core. As far as speed goes the esp32 will ultimately be faster and we have buffering added to it. And let me tell you it is fast using the game library. But the T36 has an sd card built in.

Spi is definitely the way you want to go. Less wiring and more support. Plus all the good libraries use it.

If you look me up on github you can see the T3 and ESP libraries. Ignore the master file. It does not work any better than the T3 and ESP libraries. It was the first working version but it's not very capable. I ended up changing the name to GameR-Iot. If y'all need any help getting your system going feel free to post, message or you can join us on face book for the latest developments. So glad you guys are willing to play with this.

The only things not working right yet are the title screen, pop up and collision.

Standard ESP has 4mb flash that can be used right away. You can buy flash chips that come in 4mb but you can only go up to 16mb total flash. They have dual cores which means you can set up one core to do This and core two to do that. It also has built in wifi but you will need an SD card module to store games. I use the EZSBC esp32 which is a great MCU. The only problem is that esp32 is really new so there's lil support for it. But like I said my libraries will get you set up and going.

Also...... Most Gamebuino and Competitor games can be updated to color with lil effort.

Re: Need help in buying a display for Teensy 3.6

Fri Jul 14, 2017 12:20 am

DO NOT..... Power your TFT using 5v. This will cause over heating and will damage your TFT and the plastic that surrounds it in a case. Ive already been there. Use only 3.3v or draw 3.7v straight from the battery. A 1500mah battery at 3.7v is all you need. For a charger the best option is to use the tp4056 charger(¢.99).
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