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8.3 file standart

Postby Sorunome » Fri May 15, 2015 11:22 am

Hey, I just noticed that in the Troubleshooting page it says that you need to name your hex files according to the 8.3 standart ( http://gamebuino.com/wiki/index.php?tit ... the_loader )

But isn't that false? I mean, the filesystem still give files with an LFN (long file name) a generic SFN (short file name) and thus every LFN still has an 8.3 SFN and thus can still be loaded.
I can actually confirm that when trying around. With my custom loader I even made it try to display the LFN but still use the SFN to load it, and so far it is working. So maybe that section should be removed/changed accordingly?
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