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Re: CHIP-8 for Gamebuino

Postby Sorunome » Tue Jun 20, 2017 9:06 am

wuuff wrote:
Sorunome wrote:Also, when you feel this is ready, don't forget to add it to the Games Library! ^.^

I think it still requires some polish before I would post it on there. I actually hadn't thought of putting it on the games page because it didn't really feel like a "game", and I have posted a few ports of other games in the forums that I wasn't sure about posting on the gallery either. I know that there is also a tag for games still in alpha, but I hadn't been comfortable posting incomplete or derivative projects onto the games page. I'll think about posting this onto the gallery now that you mentioned it.
The " games" gallery is actuallyy more ment as a program gallery so pretty much anything fits there!
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