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Re: Solitaire

PostPosted: Wed Sep 06, 2017 6:05 am
by wuuff
This is really impressive. The polish is amazing, and I really like how it shows the number and suit of a card under another card. I don't play solitaire that often, but I played until I won a game so I could enjoy that ending animation.

A few comments:

Every time I turn on the game, the sound is very quiet. Is this a result of a newer version of the Gamebuino library, or something else?

Maybe it would be nice to have an "are you sure?" message before returning to the menu after hitting c, in case somebody accidentally hits it. Alternatively, I think it would be a nice option to have a menu to let the player restart the current game to try again from the start. I don't know if storing that much data in ram would be too much, though. (An undo option would be cool too, but that could use a lot of ram)

What is the b button supposed to do? The .inf file says it's supposed to "quick move to foundation" but it never seemed to do anything when I pressed it, whether I had cards selected or not.

It would also be cool if the game saved your stats (games played/won/lost). I know somebody who plays hundreds of games of solitaire, and their win/lose ratio for that many games was interesting. Obviously that's not really necessary though.

Overall, this is a really amazingly slick game. I normally wouldn't be that interested in a solitaire game, but you did such a nice job with it that I really wanted to try it out.

Re: Solitaire

PostPosted: Wed Sep 06, 2017 1:33 pm
by aoneill
Thanks for the feedback wuuff! I've been thinking about some improvements similar to the ones you've suggested. I'll probably try implementing them.

This was the first time I tried to make my own sound (pick up / drop card) rather than just using the few built-in ones. That sound is set at the lowest volume. However, if you are talking about other sounds like the little jingle that plays when you initially turn on the Gamebuino, that would be part of the library.

Yeah, I figured the b button description isn't detailed enough, but it is hard to explain briefly. You can obviously pick up a valid card and place it in the 4 destination piles (foundations according to Wikipedia) in the upper right. It gets quite tedious to move all these cards to the foundations near the end of the game. Pressing b will automatically move the one card at your cursor to the correct foundation if there is a legal move for it. Whenever I see an ace, I just click b and it pops into the first empty spot. Just saves a bunch of clicks.

Re: Solitaire

PostPosted: Wed Sep 06, 2017 5:31 pm
by Sutchig
Great game and a huge time burner: )
Some stats in eeprom would be nice.

B-button: dont pick the card, just move the cursor to it.

But i managed to press B on the upper left and the card (an 8 or so) moved at an empty space on the foundation. So this game was unsolvable :(

Re: Solitaire

PostPosted: Wed Sep 06, 2017 6:19 pm
by aoneill
I'll try and track down that bug with the B button. At one point there was another bug where if you pressed A + B at the same time on an ace, it just vanished. :) That one should be fixed.

2 requests for stats! I was also thinking about saving the entire game state so you could turn it off and on and continue your game. I'd like to automatically detect when you've lost a game, but I'm not sure what the rule should be. Maybe if you've cycled through the deck 1 or 2 times without making a play?

Re: Solitaire

PostPosted: Sat Sep 09, 2017 4:43 pm
by aoneill
Made some updates. Download

    C brings up a menu of options rather than immediately quitting.
    Game statistics
    Option to save the game (to EEPROM) and continue later.
    Fixed a bug where the 3 of hearts could sometimes be sent to the foundation at the wrong time, making it unwinnable. Maybe this is what Sutchig saw?

This is getting complicated enough that I'm sure I'm not spotting all the bugs. Let me know if you find any problems.

Re: Solitaire

PostPosted: Thu Sep 14, 2017 4:50 pm
by erico
I have been trying the latest.
So far super great! Would it be hard (or make sense) to add wrap around cursor movement? Like you push right on the corner and the cursor teleports to the left corner (same up and down)?
What if the cursor could be moved while the cards are animating?
When a game locks up, am I supposed to quit with the C menu?

These are some questions that came to mind, I´m not sure anything different would actually be better, nice work.

edit: I can´t pick done-cards from the end piles on hard?

Re: Solitaire

PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 7:23 am
by rodot
Great one ! I hope you don't mind I spread the word on Gamebuino's Facebook;)

Re: Solitaire

PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 12:46 pm
by aoneill
Thanks for mentioning this on the Facebook page rodot. That's cool!

Those are some good cursor ideas erico. I'll play around with them. By locks up, are you talking about when you don't have any more valid moves? I'd like to detect when the game is over, but right now quitting with C menu is the only way to end a game. If the end piles are the 4 stacks in the upper right, then yes, you can't pick up cards from there in either mode. I've seen rules that allow it and others that don't. I'm all for doing what is most popular, but I'm not sure which way is.

Undo functionality is still percolating in my head. Just struggling to figure out how it will fit into the existing code.

Re: Solitaire

PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2017 1:05 pm
by jicehel
For this you can choose to let it choosen by user via options maybe ?