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2014-08-12T20:00:02 Font3x3.png (file)
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4 KB Rodot   1
2014-08-12T21:10:34 Font3x5.png (file)
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4 KB Rodot smileys in the right place now 2
2014-08-12T20:00:55 Font5x7.png (file)
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4 KB Rodot   1
2016-05-03T05:39:39 Simbuino4web.png (file) 5 KB Myndale   1
2016-11-19T13:29:59 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-2.bmp (file) 5 KB Albertinjo   1
2016-11-19T13:31:44 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-11.jpg (file) 6 KB Albertinjo   1
2016-11-19T13:50:42 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-29.jpg (file) 6 KB Albertinjo   1
2016-11-19T13:28:12 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-1.bmp (file) 7 KB Albertinjo   1
2014-05-20T19:37:35 Gamebuino lipo battery voltage.png (file) 7 KB Rodot Gamebuino default LiPo battery voltage evolution during discharge with no sound and no backlight. 1
2014-08-19T14:21:45 Simbuino screenshot.png (file) 8 KB Myndale Simbuino screen shot 1
2016-11-19T13:50:35 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-28.jpg (file) 8 KB Albertinjo   1
2016-11-19T13:52:12 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-40.jpg (file) 8 KB Albertinjo   1
2016-11-19T13:50:29 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-27.jpg (file) 9 KB Albertinjo   1
2013-10-30T22:59:13 Atmega speed grades.png (file) 9 KB Rodot Atmel 8-bit Microcontroller atmega Speed Grades Maximum Frequency vs. Vcc page 316 1
2016-11-15T12:34:58 Arduino library manager gamebuino.PNG (file) 10 KB Rodot Gamebuino library in the library manager 1
2014-04-17T01:42:10 Gamebuino (file) 12 KB Myndale Added a set of default library includes. 2
2016-11-19T13:53:16 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-42.jpg (file) 12 KB Albertinjo   1
2016-11-19T13:53:25 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-43.jpg (file) 14 KB Albertinjo   1
2015-07-21T21:57:52 InfEncoderScreenshot.png (file) 18 KB Rodot   1
2016-11-15T12:33:41 Arduino manage libraries....png (file) 18 KB Rodot How to open the library manager 1
2014-08-09T16:25:49 Setting contrast.gif (file)
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19 KB Rodot   2
2016-11-19T13:50:08 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-24.jpg (file) 19 KB Albertinjo   1
2016-11-19T13:50:22 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-26.jpg (file) 20 KB Albertinjo   1
2017-02-05T18:23:22 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-123.jpg (file) 22 KB Albertinjo   2
2016-11-19T13:50:16 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-25.jpg (file) 23 KB Albertinjo   1
2016-11-19T13:52:19 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-41.jpg (file) 23 KB Albertinjo   1
2016-11-19T13:53:56 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-46.jpg (file) 27 KB Albertinjo   1
2016-11-19T13:51:20 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-34.jpg (file) 29 KB Albertinjo   1
2016-11-19T13:53:39 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-44.jpg (file) 30 KB Albertinjo   1
2016-11-15T12:38:53 Arduino examples menu.png (file) 31 KB Rodot The Gamebuino examples in the Example menu of Arduino 1
2016-11-19T13:51:27 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-35.jpg (file) 32 KB Albertinjo   1
2017-02-05T17:08:37 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-116.jpg (file) 34 KB Albertinjo   1
2014-04-07T13:36:51 Gamebuino boot (file) 35 KB Myndale Gamebuino bootloader alpha release 7. 1
2016-11-19T13:52:03 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-39.jpg (file) 36 KB Albertinjo   1
2014-04-14T14:30:13 Gamebuino boot (file) 38 KB Myndale Gamebuino boot loader alpha release 8 1
2016-11-19T13:49:59 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-23.jpg (file) 41 KB Albertinjo   2
2016-11-19T13:49:00 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-16.jpg (file) 41 KB Albertinjo   1
2017-02-04T16:39:24 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-111.jpg (file) 44 KB Albertinjo   1
2014-08-09T15:55:05 Screen holder.PNG (file) 47 KB Rodot The part highlighted in blue is the "screen holder". It presses on the screen to prevent it from moving. 1
2016-11-19T13:51:06 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-32.jpg (file) 48 KB Albertinjo   1
2017-02-05T18:54:02 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-128.jpg (file) 49 KB Albertinjo   1
2017-02-05T17:16:57 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-121.jpg (file) 51 KB Albertinjo   1
2014-07-02T23:02:56 Remove paper cover.jpg (file) 51 KB Rodot A Gamebuino with its paper cover and one without, so you can see through the transparent acrylic case. 1
2016-11-19T13:51:34 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-36.jpg (file) 52 KB Albertinjo   1
2014-11-25T07:22:52 BoardMicroSS.jpg (file) 53 KB Blakewford Screenshot of the BoardMicro Gamebuino skin on a Samsung Galaxy S4. 1
2016-11-19T13:51:13 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-33.jpg (file) 55 KB Albertinjo   1
2017-02-21T03:17:41 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-132.jpg (file) 57 KB Albertinjo   1
2016-11-19T13:50:49 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-30.jpg (file) 58 KB Albertinjo   1
2016-11-19T13:51:42 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-37.jpg (file) 61 KB Albertinjo   1
2016-11-19T13:30:09 MAKERbuino-buildGuide-3.png (file) 62 KB Albertinjo   1
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